1998-2001 Suzuki GSX600F Katana Service Manual


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 Clear, searchable, bookmarked PDF 

Covers: 1998-2001 Suzuki GSX600F X/Y/K1 Katana
Part number: 99500-35028-03E
Pages: 372
Format: PDF
File size: 107mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet

This downloadable PDF service manual contains the necessary instructions needed for any repair your 1998, 1999, 2000, or 2001 Suzuki GSX600F motorcycle may require from fender to fender. This is the same manual technicians use to diagnose and repair your 1998-2001 Suzuki GSX600F. Whether it’s routine maintenance, such as tune-ups and brake service, or more extensive repairs involving engine and transmission disassembly, this manual provides the most reliable information to perform the job.


  • General Information
  • Identification
  • Specifications
  • Service Data
  • Maintenance
  • Engine Service and Overhaul
  • Fuel System and Carburetor
  • Oil System
  • Emission Control
  • Clutch
  • Transmission
  • Control and Linkages
  • Fairings
  • Fork
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Electrical Components
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Wire and Hose Routing
  • Servicing Information
  • Supplement – GSX600FXIY (’99/’00-MODEL)
  • Supplement – GSX600FK1 (’01-MODEL)
  • And More…


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